Zeta tires review: Know this before buy!

With many cheap tire models, consumers are hesitant about whether the Zeta tire is good. See our Zeta tires review and discover all about this brand!

More and more we have new tire brands coming to the shops, and Zeta is one of them. With several tire models at attractive prices, consumers soon wonder if the Zeta tire is good. If this is your case, read on our Zeta tires review and find out if it is worth buying Zeta tires for your car!

Who makes Zeta tires

Zeta is one of the brands of SD International, a Chinese company founded in 2002 with headquarters in Shanghai. Zeta manufactures tires of different sizes for cars and trucks.

The Zeta brand is already known in many markets, such as Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, USA, India, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Germany, China and Thailand. In Latin America, Zeta is present in Argentina and Brazil.

On Zeta Tires official site there is more information about the company’s products.

SD, who makes Zeta tires, also manufactures the brands Pace, Toledo, Kapsen, Duration, Basoon and Agrostar.


Is Zeta tire good?

As we have seen, the tires of this brand are manufactured in China and have a reasonable quality. The design of the base and grooves of the Zeta tire was greatly improved by the Chinese engineers, who managed to greatly reduce the noise while driving. In addition, good performance helps in reducing fuel consumption.

Zeta Alventi
Zeta Alventi

Despite being a medium-quality tire (of third tier), some feedback and Zeta tires review from consumers is not positive about the safety of these tires, with complaints about tire traction.

On specialized sites, there are reports of people experiencing slippage and braking failure, especially on wet surfaces.

Anyway, it is worth remembering that these tires are DOT certified, guaranteeing a minimum of safety and quality.

Zeta Etalon
Zeta Etalon

So, is the Zeta tire worth it? It depends on the use of the vehicle and the style of the driver. The Zeta tire is good enough if you intend to use it only in the city, making small routes, with low speed, favorable weather and suitable terrain. In other words, a non-sports style.


Remember that the tire is a safety item. So if you have a more aggressive driving style or take the road frequently, it is better to invest in a higher quality tire such as Bridgestone, Continental and Goodyear.

Zeta Consenso
Zeta Consenso

Another option is the second tier tires, such as Pirelli, Firestone, Toyo, Cooper, Hankook, Dunlop or Kumho. Here on the site you will find some second tier reviews of famous brands.

If you have a small budget, it pays to buy a Zeta tire instead of a remold tire. Do you have a question about remold tires? Check out this post here on the site with the pros and cons of the remold tires.

Always remembering that to get the best out of your tire, some care is essential. Pay attention to proper tire calibration, keep the tire/wheel assembly balanced, and align the vehicle.

As you may know, the form of driving, ambient temperature and the type of pavement also interfere with the performance and durability of the tire.

Zeta tire reviews: Customer satisfaction

To finalize our review of Zeta tires, see below the repurchase rate for some Zeta tire models. We know that repurchase shows well the level of customer satisfaction with product. The information is compiled from the site TyreReviews.

Tire ModelBuy again?
Zeta Antarctica 695%
Zeta Toledo90%
Zeta Ztr5080%
Zeta Antarctica 570%
Zeta Alventi53%
Zeta Azura52%
Zeta Ztr1043%
Zeta Ztr2015%

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