XBRI tires review: Know this before buy!

The XBRI tire can be found in many stores - including online. Before buy, find out more about this brand in our XBRI tires review!

The XBRI tire can be found in many stores – including online. Being a brand new here, you can be unsure if the XBRI tire is good. Find out more about the brand in our XBRI tires review!

Who makes XBRI tire

Before our XBRI tires review, let’s get to know the brand better. So, who makes XBRI tire?

XBRI tires are manufactured and distributed by Sunset Tires Corporation.

Sunset is a company specialized in import, export and distribution of tires, working in this field since 1988. Despite acting globally, Sunset has a presence in Latin America, with a focus on Paraguay (where it is a sales leader) and more recently in Brazil .

Sunset Tires
Sunset Tires

After a long time working only in distribution, Sunset decided to launch own-brand products, developed by the company’s engineers. Strict quality controls are applied in the manufacturing process.

The tires are developed considering our climate and our streets and highways, and manufactured in leading companies in Asia. In addition to meeting all the American standards, the brand has DOT certification in its products.

XBRI Forza H/T 2
XBRI Forza H/T 2

XBRI has products for the segments of light commercial vehicles, SUVs, agricultural, industrial and cargo. See more on XBRI official site.

XBRI tires review: Is XBRI tire good?

But is the XBRI tire really good? The consumer assessment on websites and forums shows that it is worth buying the XBRI tire. Customers praise the low noise level, the softness of the tire and the consequent comfort. But durability is the most praised item, getting the best rating from customers in the evaluation.

For those looking for a cheap tire, XBRI can be found costing from $ 150 (the 175 / 75R13 of the Ecology line).

From the experience of those who bought and used the product in their vehicle, the XBRI tire is good to put in the car. As we have seen in XBRI tires reviews, the XBRI tire is good for offering a great cost benefit and presenting good quality for a lower priced tire.

XBRI tires

Compared to LingLong tires (another low-cost tire brand) consumers say the XBRI is quieter, has better braking in the dry, but loses in durability – even though this is one of its best requirements.

Remember that the tire is a safety item. So if you have a more aggressive driving style or take the road frequently, it is better to invest in a higher quality tire such as Bridgestone, Continental and Dunlop.

XBRI Brutus T/A
XBRI Brutus T/A

Another option is the second tier tires, such as Altimax, Westlake, Viking or Barum. Here on the site you will find some second-rate reviews of famous brands.

If you have a small budget, it pays to buy a XBRI tire instead of a remold tire. Do you have a question about remold tires? Check out this post here on the site with the pros and cons of the remold tires.

Always remembering that to get the best out of your tire, some care is essential. Pay attention to proper tire calibration, keep the tire / wheel assembly balanced, and align the vehicle.

XBRI truck tires
XBRI truck tires

As you may know, the form of driving, ambient temperature and the type of pavement also interfere with the performance and durability of the tire.

XBRI’s two most popular tire lines are Ecology, Fastway and Sport Plus. On the XBRI website, it is possible to know the entire product catalog of the company.


Is XBRI Ecology tire worth it?

XBRI Ecology tires are the cheapest XBRI models. The focus of the line is to offer comfort, low noise and a good grip, favoring braking on dry and wet surfaces. Supports from 462kg.

Is XBRI Fastway tire good?

XBRI Fastway tires are more premium models, with slightly higher cost. They are aimed at more sports cars. The focus of the line is to offer comfort, low noise and a good grip, favoring braking on dry and wet surfaces.

XBRI car tires
XBRI car tires

XBRI Sport Plus tire is good?

The Sport Plus tire line is aimed at the UHP (Ultra-High Performance) segment. This category of tires is designed to have greater grip on dry track, longer durability, greater traction and more flexibility.

XBRI Sport Plus
XBRI Sport Plus

The XBRI Sport Plus tire is focused on performance and stability, with grooves that offer good grip even on wet terrain.

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