Viking tires review: All about this tire!

If you are looking for a cheap tire, you may have found a Viking tire. But is the Viking tire good? See our Viking tires review!

If you are looking for a cheap tire, you may have found a Viking tire. In some supermarkets, Viking stands out for its low price, attracting consumer attention. But is the Viking tire good? See our Viking tires review!

Who makes Viking tire?

Before the Viking tires review, let’s get to know the brand. Viking is very present in the United States and Europe. But who makes Viking tire?

The company was born in Norway in 1931, producing rubber products in general, such as shoes and tires. Since 1970, Viking has focused on tires, supplying products to large companies such as Volkswagen, Opel, Ford and Volvo.

Viking tire

In 1992, the brand was acquired by the Continental Group to compete in the low-cost market, such as Euzkadi.

Viking products are developed in Germany and manufactured in Europe. The brand offers tires for touring cars, vans and SUVs. Get to know the products on the Viking website.


Are Viking tires good? See review

After knowing who makes Viking tire, let’s review if the Viking tire is good.

Just to know that the brand is under the care of Continental, already shows that the product should be well evaluated.

Viking ProTech NewGen
Viking ProTech

The example is “Navigasjon” technology used in Viking products. The name is ugly, but it ensures a safer and more durable tire.

Also the asymmetrical design of grooves at the base of the tire, which improves steering and braking in adverse conditions such as wet. The premium brand tires emphasize safety on wet asphalt. The grooves in the wet zone occupy more than half the base of the tire.

Viking Transtech
Viking TransTech II

In Europe, consumer reviews say the Viking tire is good. Some models, such as Pro Tech PT5 are indicated as good choices by automotive sites – even compared to Goodyear and Pirelli products. Consumers speak well of tire grip and comfort in driving. The tire has a high level of noise in certain situations.

There are two models available for touring cars, the ProTech II and the CityTech II. Both feature low treadwear (280), which means comfortable steering and regular durability. Feedback on both models is also positive for consumers.

Another good thing about Viking is that it shares Continental’s huge technical support network.

Viking WinTech

Finally, if you are looking for a cheap tire, Viking tire is good. Compared to other low-cost brands such as Zeta or Aptany, it is Continental’s guarantee. It takes special care with safety (especially in wet conditions) and good performance.

Viking tires reviews are positive. But remember, is a second tier product. Note the low treadwear of the brand models, which indicate low product durability.

Always remembering that to get the best out of your tire, some care is essential. Pay attention to proper tire calibration, keep the tire/wheel assembly balanced, and align the vehicle.

As you may know, the form of driving, ambient temperature and the type of pavement also interfere with the performance and durability of the tire.

Problems with your Viking tire? See above how the warranty works.

Viking tire warranty

If you have had trouble with Viking tires, you can use the warranty. This is a positive point: it shares Continental’s huge service network.

But be aware that there are no cases that are not covered by the warranty. They are: bubbles, tears, holes, irregular wear and tear.

Euzkadi SUV

Anyway, if you have problems with your Viking tire, look for a Continental resale in order to evaluate the product.

Viking CityTech II tire

This is Viking’s cheap tire available on some retail chains (including online). It offers economy, durability and comfort. It has protection against aquaplaning, great braking on wet floors, good handling and low noise level.

Viking Citytech II
Viking CityTech II

In 2016, the German site ACE considered the CityTech II better than Hankook (Kinergy Eco K425 tire) and BF Goodrich (g-Grip tire).

Viking ProTech II tire

Another Norwegian brand tire available on some retail chains (including online). The ProTech is more sporty and focuses on safety and comfort. And this is all the more evident with the asymmetry of the grooves at the base of the tire, designed to efficiently drain the water from the asphalt, plus more traction in bends and maneuvers.

Viking tires review: Customer satisfaction

To finalize our review of Viking tires, see below the repurchase rate for some Viking tire models. We know that repurchase shows well the level of customer satisfaction with product. The information is compiled from the site TyreReviews.

Tire ModelBuy again?
Viking Pro Tech II93%
Viking ProTech HP92%
Viking Wintech87%
Viking Snow Tech II69%

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