Technic moto (and car) tires: The latest review!

It's time to replace your motorcycle tire. With attractive prices, there is always that doubt: is the Technic tire good? Check out our review and find out!

It’s time to replace your motorcycle tire, and you start researching the available models. For sure you will find the Technic tires at some store or website. With more attractive prices, there is always that doubt: is the Technic tire good? worth to buy? Check out our review and find out!

Tire manufacturer Technic

Before any vendor presented the brand, the question: Have you ever known Technic? Although little known, Technic is a Brazilian company with almost 30 years of market. The plant is in the state of São Paulo.

Technic manufacture

Technic celebrates the production of more than 8 million tires, a great achievement for a Brazilian company. Technic is best known for its motorcycle products.

It manufactures tires for urban motorcycles (low-rolling), off-road motorcycles, sportive, custom and big trail. But Technic also offers tires for cars and agricultural tractors.

Technic manufacture

Investments in equipment and innovation make Technic products synonymous with quality and technology.

See more about Technic on this website.


Is Technic tire good?

Brazilian products are often seen as having inferior quality to others. But Technic shows that there are quality South American products.

Technic tires

On internet forums, we find many reviews on Technic tires, especially for motorcycles (the company’s largest market). The comments reveal that the tire is soft, which causes great traction on the asphalt (even in the corners). This means more safety and stability for the rider.

However, softer rubber has a consequence: it reduces durability. According to several comments, the Technic tire on bikes spends faster than competitors.

Technic tire

The all-round review is that Technic tire pays off. Although it has lower durability, it is usually cheaper than other brands. If you’re out of money and need to urgently change your bike tire, Technic will allow you to safely ride for some time, and not spend that much.

Moto: Technic tires are good?

Technic stands out especially in motorcycle tires. There are several products available for those who drive in the city or enjoy off-road adventures. Identify your profile and choose the right Technic tire for you!

Urban line: Tires developed with focus on use in the city. Tiger, Speed ​​City Turbo, Sport tires are part of this line. The tires for those who have moto Biz, CB, CG, CBX, Titan, Twister, Make, Factor, YBR, Fan and similars.

Technic tires

Urban / cross line: Tires for pilots on unpaved roads, such as remote neighborhoods and rural areas – or even for those who venture on a trail from time to time. This is the profile of the TK Block, TMX Track lines. For motorcycles Crypton, Shineray, Super Dafra, CG, Titan, YBR, Suzuki Yes, Fan and similar.

Cross Line: Tires developed with focus on traction, whether on dry or wet ground. TMX Cross and Endurance tires are part of this line. The tires for those who have moto Lander, Tornado, Falcon, Ténéré, DT, KX, XTZ, YZ, CRF, XR and others.

Technic T&C PLUS

Premium line: For those with more modern and demanding bikes, premium line models offer comfort, stability, safety and performance. Stroker, Iron and City 300 tires are part of this line. The tires for those who have Harley, Hornet, Ninja, Kawasaki, Kasinski, Intruder, Citycom, Shadow, Triumph and others.


Car: Technic tires is good?

In addition to tire models for motorcycles, Technic also offers tires for passenger cars. The Technic T-300, T-400 and T-700 tires are part of the “retro line”, and are suitable for cars such as Beetle, Opal, Kombi, Dodge and similars.

Technic cars

The T-line Technic tires have diagonal construction, ensuring good product quality. In addition to having a very classic design, the unique design still provides great handling and comfort.

The Technic tires is worth it because it has high resistance at the sides and greater contact area in the tread offering better traction, stability and excellent mileage. Technic is a good buy.

Technic T-700

Remember that the tire is a safety item. So if you have a more aggressive driving style or take the road frequently, it is better to invest in a higher quality tire such as Hankook, Continental and Dunlop.

Another option is the second tier tires, such as Altimax, Westlake, Viking or Barum. Here on the site you will find some second-tier reviews of famous brands.

If you have a small budget, it pays to buy a Technic tire instead of a remold tire. Do you have a question about remold tires? Check out this post here on the site with the pros and cons of the remold tires.

Technic tractors

Always remembering that to get the best out of your tire, some care is essential. Pay attention to proper tire calibration, keep the tire / wheel assembly balanced, and align the vehicle.

As you may know, the form of driving, ambient temperature and the type of pavement also interfere with the performance and durability of the tire.

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