Run flat tire can be repaired? It depends!

If it bored, comes the doubt: run flat tire can be repaired? It depends. Let's explain what situations the flat run tire can be repaired. Come on!

Hello man! The flat run tires are a trend to become more and more popular in the market. Few cars run with this type of tire, and if it bored, comes the doubt: run flat tire can be repaired? It depends. Let’s explain what situations the flat run tire can be repaired.

Do you know how the flat run tire works?

A lot of people do not really know what a flat tire is. We explain: Run flat is a type of tire that can run for some time, even if it has punctured.

It runs with air, just like the conventional tire. The difference from run flat to common is that it has rubber reinforcement on the side, which holds the car for a while when it is bored in the tread.

tire punched


We publish a post explaining how the flat run tire works; Read on to understand if the flat run tire has repair.

Does flat tire have repair?

Understanding how the run flat works is easy to know if the flat run tire has repair. The tire repair instructions differ among manufacturers. For most of them, finding a nail spiked on your flat run tire means you will have to buy another one.

Manufacturers diverge if tire flat run has repair

Strange that there is no consensus on this. But most flat tire manufacturers do not recommend repair.

Pirelli does not guide the repair of a run flat punctured tire. They say that running the tire without pressure causes damage to the tire’s internal structure, making it unsafe to use.

Michelin explains that the flat tire is repairable. But with caveats: It is possible only a repair, and it is not any bore or damage that can be repaired.

Michelin tire

Another manufacturer, Bridgestone, admits the flat run tire is repaired. It has an analysis, inspection and repair service for your run flat tires operating in some authorized centers.

To confuse the consumer, there is a conflict between the automakers and the manufacturers of run flat tires. BMW says in the owner’s manual that there is no flat tire repair. The automaker guides you about a product that she did not manufacture. She must have been given guidance from somewhere, which can only be the tire manufacturer.

Flat tire with bore in the tread has repair

Although some brands say that the flat run tire has repair, they make restrictions.

The most common is about the location of the damage. It is only possible to repair the flat tire if the hole is in the tread. And it can not be large: The bore should be up to 6mm in diameter.

tire bored

If it is something on the sides, the tire should be discarded. The side is where the tire is reinforced. If this region is compromised, the entire tire structure will be affected.

The manufacturers warn that the repair must be done in the resales (of the company that produces the tire), dealers (of the brand of the vehicle) or technical assistance, since it needs a special equipment to maintain that tire.

But … service centers also refuse to repair

Some automotive centers also do not accept flat tire repair. They suggest tire replacement.

They say follow the manufacturers who advise not to repair the flat run tires because it can be difficult to detect secondary damage that has occurred as a result of a drilling.

In other words, potential damage can be concealed by the reinforcement of the tire.

tire punched

One more situation: Did the driver follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and walked up to 50 miles with the damaged tire?

The evaluation of the tire does not allow to identify if the driver directed the car at a speed or distance outside the allowed one after the perforation. Failure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions will compromise the overall structure and safety of the tire.

This doubt of the automotive centers that makes sense. The technician can make a repair that does not solve the problem. It will be a waste of money and put your safety at risk.

After all, does flat tire have repair?

The flat run tire is repaired depending on the brand, where the damage occurred and what size the bore. It may be that the automotive center does not repair it, claiming the possibility of further damage to the tire structure.

Anyway, as we said in the other post, run-flat brings more disadvantages than advantages so far. We hope this technology grows, and make its maintenance simpler.

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