Review: Are Euzkadi tires good?

The Euzkadi is another tire brand that seeks space in the american market. Is Euzkadi good? See our Euzkadi tires review before buy.

The Euzkadi is another tire brand that seeks space in the international market. By having relatively lower prices, it creates consumer distrust. After all, is Euzkadi good? Worth to buy? See our Euzkadi tires review before buy.

Who makes Euzkadi tire

The first question about the brand is who makes Euzkadi tire.

The Euzkadi brand is Mexican, founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 1928. The brand produces tires for passenger cars, SUVs and SUVs / vans.

who makes Euzkadi tires

Since 1998, Euzkadi has been acquired by Continental Group, which provided technological and financial support. Together, they won the fourth place in the Mexican market, producing approximately 7 million tires/year.

Therefore, many consider Euzkadi as the second tier of Continental.

You can learn more about the company on the Euzkadi website.


Euzkadi tire reviews: How good it is?

With low price, and growing presence at points of sale, many seek information on whether the Euzkadi tire is good and reviews.

The Euzkadi tires have an indicator that warns you when you start to lose performance, signaling the moment of the exchange. It is durable and resistant in various types of terrains. The grip is good, thanks to a new tread with a larger number of contact faces. This offers greater safety for all the passengers in the car.

Euzkadi Eurodrive 2
Euzkadi Eurodrive 2

But is the Euzkadi tire good? Many Euzkadi tires review (from Americans and Mexicans) on the internet say the Euzkadi tire is good.

Despite having a more malleable side than other brands, consumers who bought Euzkadi give positive feedback. Comfort and traction on the dry track are well rated items by consumers. Most also say they would buy Euzkadi tires again.

Euzkadi tires reviews say the brand takes seriously the vision of the company that is “Lasts Longer“. There are reports of tires in good condition after running more than 40000 miles. This durability offers a very interesting cost benefit when compared to other cheap tires available in stores.

Euzkadi Overlander
Euzkadi Overlander

Despite improvements in tire tread design, the Euzkadi received a low rolling resistance rating. This item indicates which models save the most fuel.

In the purchase decision, it should be considered that Euzkadi is part of the Continental Group, a global giant when it comes to tires. We have already talked a little about the Continental tires here on the site.

Euzkadi Eurodrive

If you have a more aggressive driving style (it usually gives sudden braking, cornering at speed, etc.) or pick up the road frequently, it is better to invest in a higher quality tire such as Michelin, Continental or Dunlop.

If the budget is tight, it is worth buying an Euzkadi tire instead of a remold tire. We have prepared here a post with pros and cons of the remold tires.

Always remembering that to get the best out of your tire, some care is essential. Pay attention to proper tire calibration, keep the tire / wheel assembly balanced, and align the vehicle.

Euzkadi EuroDrive and EuroSport tires is good?

EuroDrive and EuroSport tires are the best-known brands in the United States, and can be found even on many e-commerce sites. We talk about in this Euzkadi tires review.

As a highlight, we can mention the design improvements in the grooves to increase safety in wet terrain, avoiding the possibility of aquaplaning. The new groove shape improves water flow, making drainage more efficient. This ensures aquaplaning resistance and reduced braking distance on wet floors.

Euzkadi Eurosport
Euzkadi EuroSport

The Euzkadi EuroSport promotes exceptional all weather traction. It combines its all season silica-based compound with the symmetric directional tread design to maintain a firm grip on the road surface in dry, wet and winter weather conditions.

The silica-infused tire compound improves the model’s year round flexibility by offering an adaptable rubber compound that responds well to varying conditions. The tread design with the optimal angled lateral grooves and tread blocks increase the grip throughout the year and ensure a secure performance.

The circumferential and angled lateral grooves help prevent hydroplaning. They eliminate water and slush from below the tire’s footprint, guaranteeing an enhanced wet and winter weather traction.

The new Euzkadi EuroDrive 3 tire design also improves handling and reduces noise levels, as well as tire change indicators so you do not take risks by running on damaged tires.

Eurodrive Euzkadi
Euzkadi EuroDrive

Even with these improvements, the EuroDrive rating for bearing resistance remains below competitors. The EuroDrive has been rated F in this item, which indicates the models that save more fuel.

In foruns and e-commerce sites, these Euzkadi tires review is positive, with good ratings by consumers.

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