Nexen tires review: How safe is it?

Nexen has been gaining space in the United States. But is the Nexen tire good? See our Nexen tires review and discover how makes, features and more!

Nexen has been gaining more space worldwide, including the United States. With prices below major brands, it attracts cost-effective consumers. But is the Nexen tire good? Let’s see this Nexen tires review.

Who makes Nexen tire

Who makes Nexen tire? Nexen Tire is South Korean, founded in 1942 under the name Heung-A Tire Company. It was the first Korean tire company, and is currently one of the leaders. Its competitors in Korea are Hankook and Kumho.

In 2000 changed its name to Nexen Tire Corporation. The name Nexen is a combination of the words next and century.

Nexen motor sport

In 2005 it took an important step to world domination when it set up the American branch.

Nexen is concerned with product research. His labs have created nanotechnology tire compounds, the Green Hive (removable tread) tire, the N’blue ECO (fuel-saving) tire, and snow/ice technologies called Winter Snow Technology and Wingup Winspike SUV.

Nexen NFera RU1
Nexen NFera RU1

Today, Nexen has 4 factories (Korea, China and Czech Republic), employs over 2,000 peoples, and exports to 120 countries. It sponsors motor sports, baseball, hockey and the German and Italian soccer leagues.

Nexen manufactures tires for passenger cars, SUVs and pickups. See the products on the official Nexen website.


Nexen tires review: Is Nexen tire good?

Nexen’s Korean competitors (Hankook and Kumho) we know are good. But is the Nexen tire good? For an answer, we reviewed the Nexen tire reviews and consumer’s comments.

Nexen Winguard Snow G
Nexen Winguard Snow G

As Nexen gets consumer reviews on websites and forums, the Nexen tire is good. The Korean brand is well evaluated in different countries.

Nexen is a supplier of tires for car manufacturers such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Renault and Fiat Chrysler. She is accredited by major car brands.

Nexen Roadian line
Nexen Roadian line

In 2018, Nexen ranked tenth in the United States Consumer Satisfaction Survey (J.D. Power). It is a good position in a hard market like North American. The company down 6 positions compared to 2017.

The low wear of Nexen tires draws consumers attention. In the 2017 J.D. Power survey, Nexen ranked second in this item.

Nexen NFera RU1
Nexen NFera SUR4

The Beast model is the highest rated, especially the SU1 and SU4. Customers praise Nexen Beast tire traction, durability, driveability and comfort. On average, 80% of consumers recommend Beast SU1 / SU4.

On the other hand, the N’Priz AH8 model has lower grades, but consumers still claim that the Nexen tire is good.

Nexen N Fera AU7

On the official website of Nexen, there is a section with all certifications and tests made by specialized magazines. It is hard not to believe that the Nexen tire is really good.

After all, according to Nexen tire reviews, you can buy a Nexen tire, it’s a good tire.

Nexen WinGuard line
Nexen WinGuard line

Always remembering that to get the best out of your tire, some care is essential. Pay attention to proper tire calibration, keep the tire / wheel assembly balanced, and align the vehicle.

As you may know, the form of driving, ambient temperature and the type of pavement also interfere with the performance and durability of the tire.

Nexen tires review: Customer satisfaction

To finalize our review of Nexen tires, see below the repurchase rate for some Nexen tire models.

We know that repurchase shows well the level of customer satisfaction with product. The information is compiled from the site TyreReviews.

Tire ModelBuy again?
Nexen Arrowspeed CP66197%
Nexen Winguard Snow G WH297%
Nexen CP67294%
Nexen WinGuard Sport 294%
Nexen N Blue 4 Season92%
Nexen N Fera SU490%
Nexen N Blue HD+84%
Nexen Winguard Sport84%
Nexen N Blue ECO80%

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