Ling Long tires review: How good are this brand?

Ling Long offer cheap tires, and are present in many webstores. See who makes, features and more in this Ling Long tires review!

Surely you heard about Ling Long tires. The brand is present in major physical stores and online. Ling Long tire is cheap which is good feature. But is the Ling Long tire good? See all about this brand in this Ling Long tires review!

Who makes Ling Long tire

Who makes Ling Long? These tires are from China, as you can see in the name. “Linglong” means “refined” in Chinese, and represents the company’s purpose. Shandong Linglong Tire was born in 1975, based in Shandong, China.

The company is currently between the 3 largest tire manufacturers in China. Ling Long employs more than 12,000 people at its factories in Thailand, China and Serbia.

Your products are sold in more than 180 countries, and America is the company’s target. In 2006, Shandong founded a research center in the United States. Recently partnered with Sunset Tires for tire distribution in Latin America.

Ling Long is OEM Hongqi

Ling Long tires are OEM of car brands like Hongqi. They also sponsor sports, volleyball and soccer tournaments, as well as the Juventus (Italy) team.

Ling Long: Juventus team sponsor
Ling Long: Juventus team sponsor

Shandong Linglong produces tires for passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and buses. The company also manufactures Lion, Atlas, Infinity and Green Max tires.

Check out the full line of Ling Long products on the official website.

If all Ling Long were Green Max…

As with other Chinese brands, there is doubt about Ling Long’s quality. Is the Ling Long tire good? Let’s see in this Ling Long tires review.

It’s nice to see Ling Long strive to be seen as a viable consumer option. Investments in advertising – in China and around the world – make Ling Long stand out among China’s manufacturers.

Ling Long Crosswind
Ling Long: Juventus team sponsor

As expected, many Ling Long tires review on the internet are negative. Complaints are the same as other cheap tires from China, such as fragility and lack of grip. No news.

Car And Driver magazine tested the Ling Long tire as an option for the Michelin PS2. The tire tested was L688, and the V-layout was explained as a copy of Yokohama’s AVS Sport.

In addition to the low price, the magazine says Ling Long did well on the topic of wear: it was the least damaged in the tests. That is why it was nicknamed “LiveLong” by publishers.

Ling Long Green-Max HP
Ling Long Green-Max HP

One of Ling Long catches the eye of the experts. Ling Long Green Max is one of the Chinese tires that had good results on the review sites.

Braking in wet conditions is poor, but grip is good in wet and dry conditions. Consumers criticize the tire’s tread resistance. In the end, 78% of respondents say they would buy Green Max again, which is a good index for cheap Chinese tires.

In the same survey, 26% would buy Ling Long L688 (tested by Car And Driver) tire again. That is, the brand tires have different quality.

Ling Long Crosswind A/T
Ling Long Crosswind A/T

Ling Long was named the top Chinese brand in the Test World Tire Test Report 2017, held in France. The test evaluated 17 tires of different brands, and Ling Long ranked first among the five Chinese brands that participated.

In Finnish Test World tests, Green Max performed better on wet surfaces than on dry surfaces. In the wet braking test, the Green Max was second only to Michelin.

Ling Long outperformed Bridgestone and Yokohama tires in handling maneuverability on wet surfaces. Is the gap between Chinese and premium brands narrowing? It is early to say.

Is Ling Long tire good?

Ling Long has the same falts as other brands in China, such as Hifly, Delinte, Aderenza and others: Low grip, poor braking, noisy braking, etc.

But the Green Max tire seems to be an interesting option. It’s not unanimous in reviews, but it was approved by the majority. And it has good ratings on sites with Ling Long tire reviews. Also consider the good result in Finnish Test World. And finally, it has a low price compared to the competition.

So if you want to buy a cheap Ling Long tire, the suggestion is to choose a Green Max.

Ling Long Green-Max Winter
Ling Long Green-Max Winter

But if you have aggressive driving style (sudden braking, fast cornering, etc.) or travel a lot, it is better to invest in a primary tier tire like Hankook, Continental and Dunlop. Ling Long is considered a third tier tire brand because it focuses on price rather than quality and performance.

Another option is second tier tires such as Altimax, Westlake, Viking or Barum. Here on the site you will find some second tier reviews of famous brands.


If the budget is short, it is worth buying a Ling Long tire instead of a remold tire. We prepared a post with pros and cons of remold tires.

Ling Long tires review: Customer satisfaction

To finalize our review of Ling Long tires, see below the repurchase rate for some Ling Long tire models. We know that repurchase shows well the level of customer satisfaction with product. The information is compiled from the site TyreReviews.

Tire ModelBuy again?
Linglong Greenmax R620100%
Linglong Green Max HP01089%
Linglong Green Max78%
Linglong Green Max EcoTouring55%
Linglong Winter Hero Radial 65033%
Linglong L68826%

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