Is Sailun tire good? Know the reviews!

Sailun is a cheap tire, available at stores and even websites. It costs less than famous brands, and it attracts consumers. But is Sailun a good tire?

Sailun is a cheap tire option, available at stores and even websites. It costs less than famous brands, and it attracts consumers. But the question is: is Sailun a good tire? Check out our Sailun tire reviews and get to know the brand!

Who makes Sailun tire

Who makes Sailun tires? Herself. Founded in 2002, Sailun Co. is one of China’s largest tire manufacturers. It is a third tier tire brand because it focuses on price rather than quality and performance.

are Sailun tires good

Sailun manufactures tires of all types, including radial tires and retreaded tires. There are passenger car, light truck, medium truck, and off-road tires that are distributed to major markets in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Sailun has its own factories (in Vietnam has two) and logistics centers in countries such as Canada and Germany.

All of these products have earned major international quality certifications, including INMETRO (Brazil), DOT (North America) and NOM (Mexico).

A differential of Sailun is the effort dedicated to research. Investments and partnerships with universities show that the company values ​​technology and innovation for your products.

In the United States and Mexico, Sailun Tires is distributed by TBC Brands. Learn more about the brand at the official Sailun website in the United States.


Sailun tire reviews: What consumers says

You might be asking if Sailun tires is OK to put in the car or truck. The price of the tire is attractive.

You may have seen a cheap Atrezzo tire. Atrezzo is Sailun’s best-known passenger car line in the Americas. It has models that concern drivability, performance and safety.

Sailun Atrezzo tire
Sailun Atrezzo

Sailun tire reviews are mostly positive. Comments repeat that the tires are good, priced below other brands.

Good grip on dry floors is praised by consumers. The Sailun tires is soft, makes little noise and has good driving. The braking is good.

Based on Sailun tire reviews, the downside is tire wear. Perhaps because it is soft, the tire arrives fast in safety. Wet driving is poor, especially if the tire edges are worn.

Sailun Terramax
Sailun Terramax

Note that the Atrezzo SH406 has a treadwear index of 340. This model should last longer.

Sailun has a run-flat tire model: The Atrezzo ZSR RUN-FLAT lets you drive with a flat tire at a limited distance and speed until you reach a safe point. The Sailun ZSR RUN-FLAT eliminates the need for a spare tire.

Sailun Atrezzo ZSR run flat
Sailun Atrezzo ZSR run flat

Despite the problems, most consumers says on Sailun tire reviews that saving 30% by choosing Sailun is worth it. Many Sailun tire reviews recommend the purchase, and will continue with the brand at the next tires change.

Is Sailun tire good?

Sailun has the same pros and cons as other cheap tires brands like LingLong, Hifly, Delinte, Aderenza and others: Low grip, poor braking, brittleness, etc. It is a third tier tire brand because it focuses on price rather than quality and performance.

Sailun Inspire TL52
Sailun Inspire TL52

But Sailun take reviews show that Sailun can be considered one of the best among the Chinese. Many approve of the performance of the Sailun, and emphasize the low price of tires as a differential when choosing. There are some sites that test, review and indicate the purchase of Sailun, such as AutoGuide and

Even though Sailun tire reviews looks great, we remind you that the tire is a safety feature. So if you have a more aggressive driving style or drive on the road, it is better to invest in a higher quality tire like Bridgestone, Continental and Dunlop.

Another option is second tier tires such as Altimax, Westlake, Viking or Barum. Here on the site you will find second tier reviews of famous brands.

Sailun S605
Sailun S605

If the budget is short, buy Sailun tires instead of remold tire. Have questions about remold tires? Check out this post with pros and cons of remold tires.

Remember that to have the best tire, some care is essential. Observe tire calibration, keep tire / wheel assembly balanced, and align vehicle.

Way of driving, ambient temperature and road type also affect tire performance and durability.

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