Is remold tire good? Check out the pros and cons!

A lot of people consider economical options, like the remold tires. But do you know what remold tire is? it's safe? Is it good to buy? Discover it!

Changing your car tires is expensive. A lot of people consider economical options, like the remold tires. But do you know what remold tire is? it’s safe? Is it good to buy this type of tire? Let’s see what is the remold tire, how it is manufactured, what the DOT says, plus the advantages and disadvantages of these products.

What is the Remold tire?

Also known as remolded or remodeled, remolders are basically a new looking used tire. The tire receives a layer of rubber all over its exterior (sides and tread), renewing the appearance and taking advantage of a worn structure.

To make a remanufactured tire, companies evaluate the conservation of the used tire to see if it can be reused.

If approved, the next step is a scraping that removes the entire rubber layer from the original tire (tread and sides), taking advantage of only the structure. After repairing damage, the tire is glued and a new layer of rubber is added on top. Then the tire goes through the vulcanization, finishing the manufacture of the remold.

Some people mix remoldados with retreaded tires and retreads. All are ways to reuse used tires. But do you know the difference between them?

Difference between remold and retreads

Tire retreading is the replacement of the tread (base of the tire that has contact with the ground).

The retreading of the tire is replaced by the rubber of the tread and the shoulder of the tire (between the tread and the side).

While retreading and retreading recover only one or two parts of the tire, the remolding goes through a more complete recovery method, strengthening its entire structure. So if you are in doubt between a remold or a retread, it is best to choose the remolded.

Remold tire: Pros

The biggest advantage of the remold tires is the low price. The remolding can cost up to 50% less than the new tire. The remold tire is cheap, and attracts consumer attention.

Another advantage is that remolders collaborate with the environment, since it reuses used tires that would be discarded in the environment.

There are recommendations that a remanufactured tire is safer than a half-life tire, as durability and quality are questionable.

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Remold tire: Cons

You may have noticed that the tire has some risks related to quality and safety.

As the remolder receives a new layer of rubber, you can not properly gauge the condition of the tire. We know that the tire loses quality with age and improper use. You will not know if it was cracked.

The outer shell hides the characteristics of the original tire (make and specifications). Fabrication or vulcanization failures can cause tears, punctures and other damage to the refurbished tire.

Even with a new rubber, a remold tire does not have the same quality as a new tire. Its useful life is also less than the new tire, lasts less time. The refurbished tire can last 15 to 30% less than a zero tire.

When using a tire remold, you will have some problems such as loud noises. Balancing is not perfect, which compromises your driving. There is constant instability, and the quality of handling is dubious.

Anyway … Remold tire is good?

Answering the question of the title of this post, the answer is no. The remanufactured tire offers no confidence. The tire is a very important safety component – and we know that safety must be in the first place.

Of course, there will be people who wear a refurbished tire safely and have no problems. But you want to take that risk?

There is no doubt that investing in new tires is the best option. Plan ahead and opt for second-tier tires that are cheap and bring more safety.

If you choose to remold anyway …

If you insist on the remold tire, there are recommendations. Only use the remolding in an urban environment and at low speeds, maximum 90km / h. Remold tire is not safe to travel.

Try to buy your product in stores that offer a good warranty, not to lose money if your tire has some manufacturing damage. Look for products remolded by traditional companies in this type of reuse of tire.

Summing up

The remanufactured tire attracts consumers up to 50% cheaper than the new tire. It is manufactured through the reuse of used tires. But is the remold tire worth it? It carries security risks. It is best to preserve your integrity, and get new tires for your car.

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