Are Westlake tires good? See our brand review!

The Westlake brand has attracted more consumer interest. But are Westlake tires good? See our Westlake tires review before you choose!

The Westlake brand has attracted more consumer interest. It is present in supermarkets, cheaper than other brands. But are Westlake tires good? Does it pay to put in the car? See our Westlake tires review before you choose!

Who makes Westlake tires?

Before talk about Westlake tires review and if are Westlake tires good, we need know the brand.

The Westlake tires are made in China. It is manufactured by Zhongce Rubber Group, company founded in 1958 in Hangzhou.

Zhongce Rubber Group
Zhongce Rubber Group

You may not know Zhongce Rubber, but she’s a giant. In Canada, Westlake tires have been on the market for 26 years, and are reputed to be cost-effective.

Zhongce Rubber has 9 manufacturing plants in China and Thailand, more than 10,000 distributors worldwide, and four strategically located subsidiaries: ZC Europe, ZC America, ZC Brazil and ZC Thailand. In 2018, it was the most manufactured tire of China, and tenth in the world ranking.

who makes Westlake tires

In addition to Westlake, Zhongce Rubber also owns the brands Chaoyang, Arisun, GoodRide and Trazano.


Driven by a philosophy of “innovation, pursuit of perfection & a win-win approach“, WestLake’s goal is to deliver cheap, good quality tires. The Westlake product line is extensive, with tires for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, off-road, motorcycles and agricultural machines.

Learn more about the WestLake brand and its products on the company’s website.

Westlake tires is good? Customers reviews

With a growing presence in the sales outlets and with value below other well-known brands, many have doubts about whether the Westlake tire is good. The Westlake tires reviews are positive.

Westlake tire

On the internet, reviews of those who have used Westlake tires (on passenger cars) are mostly positive. Many say it is worth Westlake tire, and would buy again.

Westlake tires reviews of consumers who used this brand report positive tire grip. However, some people do not agree, and complain about bending performance.

Westlake SA07 Sport
Westlake SA07 Sport

A common finding in Westlake’s ratings is that they are hard, resulting in longer life. But stiffness decreases comfort when driving.

Another controversial point in reviews is in relation to noise. Many consumers bothered with tire noise. However, other reviews do not consider this a problem.

Westlake SL369
Westlake SL369

The verdict is that although it is not perfect, the Westlake tire is good. Overall, if you are looking for a tire considering the price, then the Westlake is a good choice.

But if you have a more aggressive driving style (it usually takes rough braking, cornering at speed, etc.) or picks up the road frequently, it’s better to invest in a higher quality tire like Hankook, Continental and Dunlop.

If the quote is short, buy the Westlake tire but not the remold tire. We have a post with pros and cons of the remold tires.

Always remembering that to get the best out of your tire, some care is essential. Pay attention to proper tire calibration, keep the tire / wheel assembly balanced, and align the vehicle.

As you may know, the form of driving, ambient temperature and the type of pavement also interfere with the performance and durability of the tire.

Westlake tires review: Customer satisfaction

To finalize our review of Westlake tires, see below the repurchase rate for some Westlake tire models. We know that repurchase shows well the level of customer satisfaction with product. The information is compiled from the site TyreReviews.

Tire ModelBuy again?
Westlake Sport SA3790%
Westlake Radial RP1877%
Westlake SW 60850%
Westlake SA 0733%

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